How to Convert your Windows 7 Laptop into a WiFi Hotspot

connectify-gowriter Ever thought of sharing your Laptop’s internet with your Smart Phone or with your Friends, you can achieve this by using a small yet very usefull  software called Connectify. Connectify is a Software router for laptops and smartphones, using which one can share his internet for other’s to use Connectify without any extra hardware turns your laptop into a WiFi Hotspot. Connectify is available for Download at, it is available in two versions one is Free version another is Pro version, using Free version ( Connectify LITE ) one can share his internet with others where as Pro users have the ability to not only share internet But also share files, and Media.

Connectify also provides the facility to see the clients who are connected to the Hotspot Network through Clients Tab and with History Tab which lists computers which have previously connected to your network . To start using Connectify follow the Below Steps
  • Visit site, Click on “ Download Connectify “ Button at the Bottom of the page.
  • After Downloading install the Software, its quick and easy, once completed look for the Connectify icon in the Taskbar. click on it, it should look like this..
  • Now Under Settings, Type in the Name  for Hotspot  Network, a Password and then select the type of internet connection you want to share.
  • Under Advanced, select Wireless Network Connections for Wi-Fi and for Security Mode You can select Access Point or Ad hoc.
  • Now, Click on Start Hotspot Button. you can see Connectify is running and is ready to accept clients, you can see the connected devices in clients tab.
  • You can share internet with your friends by specifying the Hotspot name and Password to them, otherwise they wont be able to access your Network.
As you can see on above image, File Sharing and Media Services are for only PRO Versions. And at the bottom of the Connectify window, one can see News Feed from connectify about the Latest Updates and News.
I had tested it and it’s working fine, If you have any doubt or trouble getting through, you can leave a comment Below.


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