How to Fix Opera Mini Error Message: Verification of server certificate failed

Opera mini is the Lightest  and Smallest version of Opera web browser Designed primarily for low end mobile phones. The Error message “ Verification of server certificate failed. Please check the datesetting in your device “  is due to the incorrect Date/Time Setting in the phone. You can change them by navigating to the phone setting’s. 
After Correcting the Date/Time setting, restart the phone. if that didn’t solve the problem try reinstalling the Opera Mini application, this should do the trick.

Link  :  Opera Mini

If you did not understand the above matter,follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that the Date/Time setting on your phone is correct.
  2. You can change them by clicking “options” or “settings” on your phone.
  3. After changing the Date/Time, Switch off your phone and then Switch on.
  4. You should now see, opera mini working perfectly without any error’s.
  5. If that didn’t work, remove Opera Mini from your phone and try reinstalling it. you can also download  “ Opera Mini for mobile “ from your PC, and transfer it to your phone
Some phones don’t support installation of app’s from outside ie. you can only install app’s by downloading through the phone.


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vidmate said...

UC min for Android mobile gives you best browsing features in a mini package. It's a complete latest HD lightweight browser.

Carlin said...

Android mini phone not only easy to carry, the function is all ready, running step can also take it meter. It is a good choice!!!

Anonymous said...

I have followed all of these instructions and the date and time are accurate but it is still giving me this error after reinstalling and restarting the phone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! All I needed to do was turn off my phone and turn it back on.

Danny said...

same jere, date is correct but still give me error

Unknown said...

Suberb thanku so much