How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S Phone

Hard Reset in Samsung Galaxy S is a procedure to Factory reset your phone. There are many ways to reset Samsung Galaxy S , simply press and hold  the power button then your SGS will star Rebooting. Hard Reset is the method to select is your phone performance is slow, or if you are experiencing some problem with your Operating system of the phone.
Remember that Hard Reset is a Factory Reset which resets your phone to previous settings( ie. to the Default setting when you first bought it ).
Resetting will remove all the stored data including contacts, messages all your saved data will be gone. so, think a while before resetting your phone.

Note: Before proceeding to Hard Reset Shut Down Your Samsung Galaxy S Phone.
Now, Hard Reset is done by pressing and holding the VOLUME DOWN + HOME + POWER Buttons until the the S logo appears on the screen, and release only the POWER button.

Now, you will see a Android System Recover screen with four option at the bottomSamsung Galaxy s System Recovery mode as shown below.
They are Namely:
1. Reboot system now
2. Apply sdcard:
3. Wipe data / factory reset: Its function is to restore our Samsung Galaxy S to the initial configuration of the firmware that you installed.
4. Wipe Cache Partition. This is to clear the cache partition. In some situations that you cannot download the application via the Android market,  if the internet browser is slow we must select this option( Wipe Cache Partition) in order to fix the problem.

you can scroll down the options by pressing down the volume button up/down.

To Hard Reset you SGS go to " Wipe data / factory reset " option and Select  it by pressing on Home button. your phone will be Reset successfully.

we recommended to wipe the cache partition that followed by wipe data / factory reset  to get most of you firmware.


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Anonymous said...

I a so glad I found this place it really helped me to unblock my galaxy ,restoring it to factory reset and the best of all I did not loose my contacts and my pictures because I pull off my sd card and my t mobile sim card before doing the reset factory,except for some apps that I had from google store which I won't miss a lot since I can get them back again if I want cause they were free, thank you so much,
and I would recommend to do the same I did, with the cards take them off before you do any factory reset so that way you wont loose anything but some apps you may have get from droid store which are free, but those that came on with the phone you won't loose them,

perlyn john said...

i tried pressing and holding VOLUME DOWN+HOME+POWER but it only says "Downloading.." I waited almost 20 minutes but the S logo thing didn't appear. Please help

Unknown said...

how to system repair