Unlock Samsung Galaxy S after too many pattern attempts

imagesHow to unlock the android phone after too many pattern attempts : I have seen seen this Question recently on the Google Mobile Help Forum and other forum’s on the internet so many times, I think this post will help you through this problem.
First of all what is Unlock pattern ? Unlock Pattern (Pattern lock) is a Feature Intended for Android users Security. it is similar to that of windows password which it asks when logging in to the system.
In Android the Unlock Pattern consists of 9 dots on which when activated , we can draw our desired can find the article on my blog on how to set the Unlock Pattern for Samsung Galaxy S. if you forgot the pattern to unlock the phone (or got in to this situation by your kids, who are playing with phones)  after 3 faulty attempts the phone will be locked, ie you no longer can use the Unlock Pattern to unlock the phone.

Instead of the pattern screen you will be shown to enter Google account name and password, if you already had registered with one you can unlock the pattern by entering your account details. once clicking on sign in button you will be asked to enter the new pattern for the Unlock Pattern . But so many are complaining that giving the Gmail account is not doing the job for them.Too many pattern Attempts
If your Gmail account is not working or you had not registered your phone with Gmail you can find the Below given method useful..
First of all you have to Hard reset your phone otherwise this method wont work (i know all your data will be gone, it’s bettor to give up your data than phone right!!).

You can get the article on my blog  How to Hard Reset your Samsung Galaxy S Phone.
After resetting your phone, go to your home phone or take another phone and make a call to you cell phone(ie Galaxy S)
Note: You cannot call others from your locked phone but you can attend others calls on your phone.

So, when the call appears on you screen do not answer the call or reject the call, you will see a message at bottom of the screen ie “ Reject call with message” swipe it up words. now you will see a button called “ “Create new message” click on it. it will show you a screen to type a message with a Qwerty keypad displaying at the bottom.

now, ignore the call and press the home button on your phone. And there you are, your phone is unlocked.
Optional: If you are still experiencing the problem, repeat the above steps again and when the home screen is displayed, go in to your  phone settings and select the Factory Reset and Reset the phone . This should do the trick.

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WMD said...

The Google didnt take my gmail ID and at last I had to hard reset :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks to this article,I was able to unlock my phone after google account didn't work.

Anonymous said...

i need google to fix this issue!! im in the process of resetting my phone tooo

Anonymous said...

Do i need internet connection to this hard reset?

Anonymous said...

No need for internet connection for hard reset.

Anonymous said...

My phone be unlock

Anonymous said...

Perfect article bro, thx a lot :D

Anonymous said...

Is this possible if the phone is locked and i call the phone n reject with a msg etc. ??? Will it take me back to the home screen?

Unlock Unit said...

Thanks for sharing this information. Nowadays many people have faced locking problem with their phone, some are with screen and others are with their network. My little brother has also faced this problem during changing the network carrier of the SIM. When he changed the phone network, his phone got locked. Then he dialed *#06# into the phone with country and operator. Using this method, he easily unlocked his phone without any difficulties.