How to Delete Cookies in Firefox Browser

Every time you visit a website,  a Cookie is stored by the browser which intern sent by web server. Cookies are used by web servers to know particular information from client (Client Browser) like Shopping cart info, form data, Tracking etc. Cookies are very much use full as well as a threat to your online privacy. Cookies can be used by hackers to get your personal data from your personal computer, so it's very important to Delete your Browser Cookies frequently for more safer Online Experiance.

Cookies can be either enabled or disabled through browser, since most sites require cookies to operate i'would  recommend you to enable it. In this post i'will show you how to Delete cookies from your Firefox browser.

I will explain the procedure in simple steps, so that you may understand easily.

  • Open your Firefox Browser, Click on the Firefox Button on the left hand top side of the Browser.

  • Point your mouse pointer on the Options menu, click on the " options " .

  • Now an Options window will open, click on  " privacy " button. You can refer the image available below.

  • you will notice " remove individual cookies " below the privacy tab, click on the option.

  • A Cookies window will open showing the available cookies on your browser, you can see the image here.
    Firefox Cookies

  • Now you can delete individual cookies by selecting the individual one's or can delete all the cookies by clicking on " Remove All Cookies " button at the bottom.

    You can also refer the video Below.


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