How to Delete or Remove Cookies in Google Chrome browser.

Browser Cookies are small files stored inside your browser by websites to make your user experience more fluent and also may collect some data from your browser like your browsing habits etc. using the tracking cookies.

Although cookies are stored on your PC by the websites, we can easily remove them by the tools that are built inside the browser's.

In this post, we will see how to delete the cookies that are stored in your Google Chrome browser.

Follow this simple steps to delete the cookies in your browser.


  • Open Google Chrome browser :
Open Google Chrome browser on your PC.

  •  Go to "More Tools":
You can find this option by Clicking on the Button on the Top Right of the Browser.
  • Go to "Clear browsing data":
After going to More Tools, Click on the Clear browsing data... option. You can also directly go to this by pressing Ctrl+shift+Del on your keyboard.

  • Click on Content Settings:
At the bottom left of the Clear browsing data pop-up, you will see an option called "content settings". click on the Content settings option.

  • All cookies and site data:
In the Content settings pop-up, under the cookies section click on the "All cookies and site data..." Button.

  • Remove Individual Cookies:
In the cookies and site data pop-up, you will see all the cookies that are stored in your Google chrome browser. You can delete every individual cookie by selecting your desired cookie and by clicking on the x on the right side of the selected cookie section.

  • Remove all the Cookies:
You can delete all the cookies that are stored in your browser by just clicking on the "Remove all" button on the top right of the Cookies and site data pop-up.

Note: Before Deleting all the cookies from your Browser, check to see if any of the cookies are required. deleting the cookies may impact your browsing behaviour.

Video Tutorial on how to delete cookies on Google Chrome Browser:


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