How to open Desktop version of a website in ipad, ipod and iphone

When ever you open a webpage from an ipad or iphone, you are directly taken to a mobile friendly format of the particular site. what if you don't want the mobile website, instead want the full website to be shown.
Many people using ios want the Desktop version of the site to be shown, this may be due to many reasons. one of the reason's i particularly feel responsible is, the lack of ability to load Destktop widgets on mobile format.
If you had ever tried to change the settings in Safari Browser, to make it open any site in Desktop version. you would see no settings as such in the Browser.

In this post you will know, How to open Desktop version of website on your iphone,ipod and ipad.

  • First open any site on Safari, which has mobile friendly format of it's site.
  • When the Website is loaded, touch on the Address bar of the Safari Browser.
  • you will be shown your Favorites page as a window, as shown Below
  • Next, swipe down on the screen by touching on the Favorites window.
  • Now, you will see two options below the Address Bar of the browser, As shown Below.
  • The options are Add to Favorites and Request Desktop site.
  • Click on "Request Desktop site".
  • Now you will see, that the Browser start's to load the Desktop version of the Website.
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