How to Create a project in ionic framework 1

Ionic is an HTML5 mobile application development framework targeted at building hybrid mobile apps.
Building Apps to multiple mobile platform's is very easy by IonicFramework.
In this post i'm going to explaing you, how to Create a project in IonicFramework.

First, If you haven't  already have the required environment in your system, for building a project on Ionic. please follow the below steps to setup the environment in your system.

  • install Node.js from this link :
  • Then, install the latest Cordova and Ionic command-line tools in your terminal using the following command 
    npm install -g cordova ionic
Now, you can create the ionic project by typing the below command in your system Command-line interface.

ionic start appName tabs

Where "appName" is your projects name and "tabs" tells ionic to create project in tabs style.

IonicFramework offers three ready-made app templates, below is the command to create each app template.

To Create Blank Template, use the following command.
ionic start appName blank

If you prefer sidemenu, use this command. 

ionic start appName sidemenu

Execute any of the above mentioned command's & Wait for the command-line to finish the project creation process.

Once the CLI is finished with creation of project, navigate to the project folder using command-line. ie. cd appName 

Now, run the following command to run the project in browser.

ionic serve


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