Encryption Unsuccessful when launching Android Emulator in Android Studio.

Getting " Encryption unsuccessful " when trying to launch Android Emulator.

If you are getting Encryption Unsuccessful message on your android emulator when it's launched, then follow the below steps to solve the problem.

STEP 1 : Open Android Studio if not already opened.

STEP 2 : In the Menu bar go to Tools ==> Android ==> AVD Manager. 


               You can directly press the below  shown icon to go to AVD Manager.

STEP 3 : Now in the ADV MANAGER Window,  click on the  (Down Arrow) in the Actions tab.

STEP 4 : You will get a new popup with some options, click on Wipe Data and confirm the action.

That's it, Now restrat your android studio for the changes to take effect. Now, Your emulator should work perfectly without "Encryption Unsuccessfull" error.


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